Miranda Fitzwater
Owner/Executive Director

Miranda resides in a very humble abode in the East Side of Cumberland. The home is shared by Miranda’s children Andrew and Shayna and an ongoing pack of various dogs and cats.


Owner/Executive Director of Positive Transitions, LLC.


Ms. Fitzwater has been employed full time in the Human Services Field since 1998. 

Five years of Ms. Fitzwater's experience prior to this business were in Vocational Training. 

Ms. Fitzwater worked several years as a Temporary Licensed Social Worker in both Mental Health and Specialized Foster Care. 


Ms. Fitzwater first became familiar with Educational goals for persons with disabilities through participation in her son, Andrew's IEP meetings which began in Kindergarten. 

Ms. Fitzwater graduated from Frostburg State University in 1998 with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology after working and completing school as a single parent.

Ms. Fitzwater returned to Frostburg State University and graduated in 2006 with an MBA.


Miranda enjoys taking little affordable trips with the family and piddling with various arts and crafts, gardening, and upcycling/repurposing projects.